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Norwegian Casinos

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Gambling In Norway

In Norway, practically any kind of gambling was considered illegal. Well, that’s at least how the last century has been.

Furthermore, any games that you can play are not only closely controlled through the government, but only in the state-owned facilities could you play them. In other words, there are no private businesses such as casinos or online gambling sites, which results in giving the Norwegian government a type of monopoly.

For years, the Norwegian authorities have strictly controlled gaming and lottery operations. Only casino games provided by specific license holders will be considered legitimate in Norway according to articles 298 and 299 of the Norwegian Penal Code and such permission may be granted only by a legal authority.

As a result, in Norway, any other form of gambling is illegal, and unlicensed gaming operators are prosecuted.

How Is Gambling Regulated In Norway?

Gambling is governed by the Gaming Act of 1992, which established Norsk Tipping. This body controls every other game you can imagine. This control includes slots, sports and other games. The internet started showing Norwegian gamers that technology has the potential to break free of monopolies. Even though Norsk Tipping has become the leader in online poker supervision, international operators offered online casino access.

Norwegians gained access to a new playing field when offshore betting sites recognized how tiresome it must have been for the Norwegians to be limited to playing online, at a single site with poor odds, game selection and functionality.

The Norwegian government made access and play overseas online betting sites illegal for residents; however, the volume of players from Norway to offshore online gambling sites has not slowed down.

Norwegian Gambling Currency

The Kroner is the Norwegian national currency. Although many shops in the country will not accept the Euro, online gaming operations will accept both the Norwegian Kroner and the Euro.

Land Based Casinos In Norway

There are no land based casinos in Norway, except for Norsk Tipping for gaming and Norsk Rikstoto for wagering, owned by the Hamar and OSLO state governments.

Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping Norway

Norsk Tipping is Norway’s national lottery. It offers a wide range of instant games, lottery and sports betting.

Norsk Tipping Norway - Interior

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto supervises pari-mutuel betting on animal racing in Norway.

Norwegian Online Casinos

Because residents of Norway do not have access to any land based casino venues, many Norwegians prefer to play slot machines and other popular table games on online casino websites.

Norwegian Slangs For Gambling

  • Gamble – Spille;
  • Bet – Vedde;
  • Blackjack – Blackjack;
  • Roulette – Rulett;
  • Sports betting – Sportsspill;
  • Slot machine – Spilleautomat;
  • Lottery – Lotteri.

Norwegians enjoy playing:

Of course, online casinos in Norway have a selection of hundreds of slot games. Europe is a slot content hub and Norwegian players’ casinos reflect various providers in the region.

While the government maintains a monopoly on internet gambling, Norwegian players can still access a wide variety of offshore gambling sites. Deposits and withdrawals in real money are typically made in Norwegian Kroner via bank transfer or credit card. However, most websites allow for the conversion of funds to Euro. Norway has a significant number of payment options to use when it comes to internet gambling.

The most popular Norwegian banking options include:

  • Bank transfer;
  • Debit or credit cards;
  • eWallets;
  • Cryptocurrency.

Norwegian Deposit Options

Norwegians preferred method of depositing money into an online casino is:

  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Ecopayz;
  • Visa or Mastercard;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Prepaid vouchers;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Cryptocurrency.

Norwegian Withdrawal Options

The withdrawal method used by many Norwegians includes:

  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Ecopayz;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Cryptocurrency.

Tips How To Find The Best Norwegian Casinos

To locate the best Norwegian casinos, seek out an excellent online casino comparison site like . These sites can offer information about hundreds of online casinos. They have lists with the best websites to make it simple to find legitimate casinos. When making a casino comparison, look into their licenses, what security measures they have, the type of graphics, the various payment methods offered, bonuses and good customer service.

Land Based Norwegian Casinos

Only Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto are the places where you can gamble.

Online Casinos In Norway

The best tip on how to find an online casino who accepts Slovenian players is to pick one recommended by the Gambling King.

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