How To Bet On Cycling?

How To Bet On Cycling?

What Is Cycling?

Cycling is a sport involving the racing of bicycles. According to the International Cycling Union (UCI), it is ‘a bicycle race over a distance’, with athletes riding bikes either on or off roads. Depending on what type of race has been organized, it takes place on both flat terrain and uphill or downhill terrains.

There are several types of cycling races, all depending on the number of cyclists in a race and the distance they have to travel.

These include road racing, track cycling, mountain bike racing, BMX biking and cycle speedway.

The Basics Of Cycling

Cycling, both the sport itself and the betting activity, is not nearly as difficult to understand as some may think.

The basics of cycling is as follows:

  • A cycle race like The Tour de France consists of riders (cyclists) who ride around a pre-determined course over the span of three to five weeks. These courses take place all across Europe; each country’s course varies depending upon what places are available at each stop, but each race is roughly 2,000 kilometers long and will pass through several European countries.
  • The team with the most points at the end of these races wins. Points are given out based upon how high a rider finishes in each race. Different types of races also award bonus points, so it is possible for a rider to win even if they do not finish in first place.
  • Riders start at a designated time, but may enter the course at any point along the race’s route during the day.

Types Of Cycling Races

Road Racing

Road Racing Cycling

The most popular type of cycling races is road racing. It involves cyclists in riding on public roads, often over long distances.

Normally this will take place in stages or legs, with each leg having a set number of days before the race is finished.

Track Cycling

Track Cycling

The second most popular type of cycling races is track racing. This takes place in a velodrome, or an indoor cycling track. Track racing is often thought to be a more physically grueling and intense form of biking due to its short distances. However, endurance and speed are essential in order for cyclists to come out on top.

Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain Bike Racing

The third most popular type of cycling races is mountain biking. In mountainous areas, cyclists will race downhill over rough terrain and slopes in an attempt to reach the finish line first.

Mountain bike racing requires endurance, speed and both uphill and downhill riding techniques.

BMX Biking

BMX Biking

BMX biking is the fourth most popular form of cycling races. It involves cyclists riding on a purpose-built track with specific obstacles such as ramps and dirt sections. They also often race around street circuits, combining several surfaces, including tarmac, grass and dirt turns. This requires the cyclist to have the endurance necessary to ride quickly and the balance necessary to ride over obstacles without crashing.

Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway

The last type of cycling races is cycle speedway, also known as ‘track racing’. This involves cyclists riding around a speedway track, similar to those used in motor racing. Track cycling requires strength and endurance as well as superior bike control skills.

Cycle speedway is also often combined with motor racing in the form of sidecars.

How To Bet On Cycling?

There are a number of different ways to place bets on cycling, depending on what type of race it is and where you want to place your bet. This includes placing bets as a result of pre-race events as well as during the race itself. In terms of betting, there are four main types of cycling bets: pre-race bets, in-play betting, post-race bets and winner’s payout.

As the popularity of cycling has grown, so too has the interest in betting on cycling. In fact, with all of the dedicated sports betting sites and forums out there for bettors to use, it would seem cycling has become a very popular interest in recent years. However, one aspect remains constant: cycling fans and casual bettors alike want to know how to bet on cycling.

Pre-Race Bets

This involves choosing a cyclist before a race has begun. However not all bets will be available for you to choose from at the time of your choice. The odds given for this type of cycling bet will depend on how much money is in the ‘pot’, or the total amount placed on a cyclist winning an event. Also, if two or more cyclists are up against each other and one has a better history, then the odds will be reduced for that cyclist.

In-Play Bets

This involves choosing a cyclist during or after a race has begun. You can place in-play bets before the cycling race begins so you have to match your wager with the odds. This type of bet allows you to continue wagering even while the cyclist is in progress, depending on their position and whether they are winning or not.

Post-Race Bets

This involves choosing a cyclist after an event has completed. The winner is the individual who placed the highest bet on a particular cyclist before the race began.

Winner’s Payout

This involves choosing a cyclist during or after an event has completed and betting against other cyclists to determine whether your chosen cyclist has won the race. With cycling, you can also wager on who will be in first or second place, which is called ‘placing a bet on the podium’.

How To Bet On Cycling For Real Money?

How To Bet On Cycling For Real Money?

There are various bookmakers out there, offering sports betting services. Many of these offer the chance to bet for free, but some will require you to be a real money customer before they allow you to place any bets. This means that you have some research ahead of you in order to find the best betting service for your needs or choose one sportsbook reviewed by the Gambling King.

To place a bet on cycling for real money you need to choose your favorite player, place a bet on it, set the stake or bet amount and validate the betting slip.

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How To Bet On Cycling At A Land Based Casino?

Furthermore, there are land based casinos that offer a variety of betting options. These will allow you to bet on all types of cycling races as well as other sports and events happening around the world! You can even watch live racing at these casinos as well as through online streaming services if your local casino doesn’t broadcast it.

To bet on cycling at a land based casino you need to fill in the betting slip, set the betting amount and finally validate the ticket with the cashier or agent.

How To Bet On Cycling At An Online Casino?

An online casino is also another great option for cycling bettors. There are many benefits of betting through an online casino, including live streaming through their website. This means you can watch the racing events happening in real time! Also, they may offer more betting odds on certain contests than a land based casino would, which is always nice to know.

To bet on cycling on an online casino you need to register an account, deposit real money, bet on your favorite players and validate the betting slip.

Cycling Betting Strategies

There are a number of ways you can make money as a cycling bettor. Take note that not all strategies will work for everyone and it is up to you to experiment with what works best for your own personal style. As long as the strategy is legal, then you’re good to go!

Calculate Before You Bet

The first way to make money as a cycling bettor is through ‘calculating’. Before you place any bets, whether before an ongoing race or after the event has concluded, you should calculate your chances of winning. This means that you should keep an eye on how far ahead or behind a cyclist is from their opponents. Once you have a number in mind that shows how likely a particular cyclist is to win, then you can proceed with making your wager.

Read The News

The second way to make money as a cycling bettor is through ‘reading news’. This means keeping an eye on what is happening with the cyclists during an event. You can see how many incidents have occurred or if any of the cyclist’s equipment malfunctions. If it seems like they are being hindered in some way by outside circumstances, then you know that you’re not dealing with a strong competitor and their odds are increased to win the race.

Stalk Betting Sites

The third way to make money as a cycling bettor is through ‘stalking’. This means that you should keep an eye on the betting odds and what other people are betting their money on. Keeping track of when these odds change can be important, especially if it is one of your competitors in the race.

How To Bet On Cycling And Win?

There are no real secrets to betting on cycling. Like with any sport, you should study the athletes and become familiar with their backgrounds. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses can be the key to becoming a successful bettor! You can do this by watching them compete or reading up on their lives off the bike.

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