High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos

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What Is A High Roller?

High rollers are often called “whales”. This is a gambler consistently placing extremely large bets. A lot of casinos offer high rollers lavish comps to entice them to gamble including the best suite in the casino, the use of a limousine and free transfers for private jets. In certain instances, the casino will extend the “whale” credit so they can keep betting or provide rebates for losses or betting turnovers. Some casinos offer their employees special incentives to bring in the high rollers.

There are numerous definitions of a high roller. Some Australian casinos consider players with a €/$75,000 bankroll a high roller. In Las Vegas, this increases to between €/$15,000 and €/$300,000 and as much as €/$500,000 in Macau. Since the results can be volatile, not all casinos are able to accommodate “whales”. Those that do, offer much higher table limits and compete to bring them in. High rollers are often exempt from casino regulations and rules such as smoking.

Despite the large amounts of cash wagered, high rollers are just a small percentage of the casino business. Beginning in 2005, an Australian high roller made more than €/$1.5 million in just 14 months. High rollers have a significant impact on the revenue for the casino sector due to the large amounts of money casinos spend enticing them to play. If the “whale” wins, the cost of the visit outweighs the benefits for the casino.

High roller specifics including perks are different between online and brick and mortar casinos. Land based casinos are able to offer planes, limos, hotel rooms and free shows and dinners. Online casinos offer incentives including VIP clubs, free spins, cash bonuses and some physical goods.

What Is A High Roller Casino?

High roller casinos are able to accommodate “whales”. These casinos offer higher limits and better rules for table games such as blackjack or roulette. A good example is Don Johnson. He was a famous blackjack player negotiating blackjack rules, enabling him to win €/$15 million due to the edge he established over the casinos before anyone was aware of what he had done.

High roller casinos also offer loss rebates. A good example is a “whale” losing €/$50,000. The casino can decide to issue the player a €/$5,000 check to compensate for 10% of the losses. Some casinos provide exclusive slots, poker or blackjack tournaments just for high rollers. The prize pools are often valued at more than €/$20,000. The casinos provide “whales” with the ability to negotiate whether for a free suite, nightclub comps, free liquor, limos and more.

The “whale” can bet a minimum of €/$100 for a hand of blackjack or bet €/$25 per spin for slots. The casino provides better perks for a high roller wagering €/$1,000 for every poker hand than someone betting €/$100. The majority of casinos provide transportation to and from by either a luxury car or private plane.

How And Where You Can Find High Roller Casinos?

High rollers visit casinos all over the world. The best way to find them is through word of mouth or the top casino review sites like the GamblingKing.com . Many high rollers read the reviews to see what perks other players received and how they were treated to determine which casino is offering the best options. These type of casinos are located in numerous different regions including online and brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas, Rio, the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe.

How To Become A Successful High Roller Gambler?

Becoming a successful high roller is about a lot more than simply completing a specific task. The player must take several different actions to catch the eye of the casino such as placing enormous wagers and making extremely large deposits. Until the player is noticed by the casino, it is not possible to become a high roller. The most obvious first step is placing large bets. The size of the wagers is dependent on the rules and limits of each casino.

If the player visits a small local casino in the Midwest, they are often labeled a high roller by wagering €/$100 per hand. The opposite is true for some of the more famous hotspots like Las Vegas. To receive preferential treatment in this city, bets for as much as €/$100,000 per hand are often placed. This large of a bet is not necessary to become a high roller, but players should expect to bet a minimum of €/$500 per hand to be noticed by the casino.

Some casinos focus more on the amount of the deposits as opposed to the actual wagers. This is because a very large deposit leaves the impression the player is going to spend a lot of money at the casino. If the high roller wins, the casino must have the funds available for immediate payment. A minimum deposit of €/$10,000 results in preferential treatment at many casinos. A deposit of €/$100,000 is taken as a sign of a high roller.

A lot of players will offer a credit line once the player has been established as a whale. Understanding how to play games including poker, roulette, blackjack and Craps can result in becoming a successful high roller. Once this status is reached, the casino usually offers special perks including a large line of credit and a high roller suite. The casino will run a background check before granting high roller status. This is to decrease the risk the player will lose and not pay the money back.

One of the best ways to succeed is to begin by playing at one of the smaller casinos because higher bets are valued. Smaller local casinos treat high rollers like royalty, provide excellent comps and some of the best bonuses available. This is a good option to become established as a high roller and receive exceptional treatment.

Are High Rollers Respected In The Gambling Industry?

Earning the status of a high roller leads to the proverbial red carpet treatment. High rollers are extremely well respected throughout the gambling industry. Every online or brick and mortar casino tries to accommodate every type of player. This being said, high rollers receive extra rewards and perks as appreciation for their loyalty.

High rollers usually receive a VIP manager of their own to decrease the time necessary for deposits and withdrawals and provide them with extra special offers. “Whales” have a reputation for frequenting the casinos offering the best treatment, bonuses and perks.

Are High Rollers Rich Persons?

In order to become a high roller, the player must spend a lot of money. Making large deposits and bets requires a substantial bankroll. Although there are some people betting more than they can afford to lose, the majority of high rollers are considered rich.

How Gamblers Become High Rollers?

The main purpose of any casino host is the happiness of the players. For this reason, many players want to become high rollers for the notable benefits. When the intention of the player is making large wagers, they should speak with the casino host first. The host will arrange for comps and take care of any other necessary arrangements to make certain the player is happy. Developing relationships with the hosts at several casinos is a good way to become a high roller.

The host will learn the likes and dislikes of the player to provide more customized perks. Asking the host for help with any issues while staying at the hotel is another good way to begin. The idea is getting to know the host while asking for help with large deposits or to have the limit increased for a particular table. The host will start introducing the player to influential staff on the floor, in the restaurant and in casino management.

Eventually, the casino will consider the player a high roller. Some players start out using comps, then gradually began increasing the size of their wagers.

Every casino has a pit boss. They are responsible for monitoring the bets to determine perks and rewards while figuring out who the new high roller in town is. Attracting the positive attention of the casino staff is an important part of becoming a “whale”. If the player has enough money to make lavish bets and big deposits, they will be noticed.

Many high rollers place their biggest bets when they are certain the staff is watching. Others wait until the big brass is on the casino floor. To become a high roller, the largest bets should be placed at the beginning or the end of the session. The floor supervisor or pit boss gives the players making the earliest bets higher ratings.

Placing large wagers at the end of the session often results in more comps being issued and a good impression is left with the casino staff. Once a casino realizes a player is consistently making large deposits and placing significant bets, the first step is usually running a background check to make certain there are no unpleasant surprises. Provided the check is clean, the player is generally classified as a high roller.

The majority of high rollers frequent the gaming tables. Some casinos offer slots rooms just for high rollers. Talking to the high rollers is a good way to receive attention. The casinos watch the players spending the most money so they can do whatever is necessary to keep them in the casino, placing bets and happy. Players interested in becoming a slot high roller should bet a minimum of €/$25 per spin. The specific amount is dependent on the policy of each casino.

Slot players can lose a lot of money quickly because the play is so much faster. For this reason, playing slots with big wagers can result in some excellent rewards. Regular slot players are generally comped by the casino at a rate of 0.1%. The rate for high rollers is much higher at 0.2% to 0.3%. Yet another option is climbing what is referred to as the VIP ladder. Both land based and online casinos have different VIP levels. The top levels help determine the high roller players.

Online perks include huge freerolls, excellent cashback rates, large deposit bonuses, vacation packages and merchandise. Brick and mortar casinos offer luxuries including a free filet mignon dinner and limo service. Once a player becomes a “whale”, the comps, perks and bonuses are personalized to appeal to their specific tastes and desires. A good example is casinos know the preferred meal, liquor and suites for their high rollers.

What Games Do High Rollers Play?

High roller games are for players interested in making extremely large bets. Not every “whale” makes the maximum bet, but those who do, benefit from high levels of enthusiasm and excitement. High roller games are still fairly new to “whales”, but there is now a decent variety available. The majority of online casinos are still not offering these types of games but this is expected to change as time passes.

The perks are exceptional for players willing to place higher maximum bets with no traditional limitations. The three most popular high roller games are currently roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The maximum bet allowed is determined by each individual casino.

High Roller Blackjack

The minimum and maximum bets for high roller blackjack are determined by the players. The wager can be as low as €/$25 or as high as €/$1,000 or more. Once everything has been decided, the wagers are made and the game begins. There is a limited period of time for the player to place their bet or the game will proceed without them. Once the cards have been dealt, the amount of the wager stands with no changes possible. Additional wagers can be placed during the game including insurance and splits.

The house edge can be limited by high rollers to between 0.5% and 1%. The edge of the casino is the expected percentage of return for the wagers of the players. A good example is a 1% house edge for a specific game. The payout percentage received by the player is 99%. One of the reasons the house has an edge is they have the advantage since they are the last player acting on a hand. Blackjack high rollers use a strategy to decide if standing or hitting is preferable.

High Roller Roulette

High roller roulette is simply another version of the game enabling players to place considerably larger wagers. Some high rollers place wagers for €/$50,000 or more every time the wheel spins. Even though there are no changes to the rules of different versions of roulette, “whales” can sometimes improve their chances of winning by negotiating for better rules.

High Roller Baccarat

One of the most exciting benefits of baccarat is a low house edge of approximately 1%. This is what frequently attracts high rollers to the game. The difference is the betting limits are significantly increased. High rollers can wager millions in the course of just one weekend.

High Roller Craps

Playing high roller Craps is essentially the same as playing at a standard Craps table. The types of wagers and bets do not change. The key difference is high rollers often win or lose a significant amount of money on just one bet. High roller Craps have an element of excitement due to the size of the bets and often draws a crowd. Although losing can be devastating, wins are often extraordinary and well celebrated.

Bonuses Available At High Roller Casinos

The bonuses for high rollers are determined using the same method as the other bonuses offered by the casino. The difference is high roller bonuses are specifically for players making a substantially large deposit at the casino for the first time. There are eligibility requirements to receive this bonus. Each casino determines the specific amount of money that must be deposited at the same time. The deposit is usually a minimum of €/$1,000 for smaller casinos and increases in size.

The high roller welcome bonus is generally between 100% and 1000% of the deposit. This bonus is extremely appealing and meant to entice the high roller to play. If a standard deposit is made by a high roller, they will still receive the typical welcome bonus. High rollers can also take advantage of special casino promotions including invitations to online and offline tournaments, reload bonuses and match bonuses.

Although the wagering conditions are high for these types of bonuses, the typical wagering habits of high rollers generally fulfill all of the requirements to claim the bonus. In most cases, the wagering requirements are not an issue. High roller bonuses also offer professional players additional funds enabling them to play more games with much larger payouts. Brick and mortar casinos really roll out the red carpet for high rollers with large cash welcome bonuses.

High rollers also receive free meals, drinks, luxurious rooms and transportation including planes and limousines, rebate percentages for losses, special tournaments, better game rules, comps for nightclubs and shows and specialty entertainment.

VIP Programs At High Roller Casinos

Becoming a VIP player requires making a significant deposit, then spending it playing the casino games. Once the first deposit has been made, the casino will decide if the player is a high roller. Many high rollers use the corresponding welcome bonus to immediately increase their bankroll. This does not mean the individual is a VIP player. Every casino has different standards regarding how much money must be deposited and played to qualify as a high roller.

The majority of casinos require a minimum deposit of €/$10,000 to qualify as a high roller. The funds can be deposited at one time or in several different deposits. Once the player starts making bets on the casino games, they begin earning loyalty or comp points. It makes no difference to the casino whether the player wins or loses. What is important is making large and consistent wagers to secure the status of a VIP. As the player accumulates loyalty points, their progress becomes clear to the casino.

The majority of the high rollers will not play at any casino not offering a VIP program. This type of program is available through most of the reputable casinos. Some casinos automatically determine VIP players through the accumulation of loyalty points. Others require the player to contact the customer support department. High roller and VIP programs vary depending on the casino. The commonality is all of them were created for players willing to make large deposits and wagers.

High rollers can expect to receive welcome bonuses for €/$1,000 or more. Once the player becomes a member of the VIP program, there are various loyalty schemes. All of them include extremely lucrative benefits. Some of the more common VIP benefits include exclusive cashback and reload bonuses, gifts, invitations to exclusive tournaments and events and special birthday bonuses. Certain casinos have multi-tier VIP programs available for high rollers. This enables the high rollers to enjoy consistently richer bonuses and experiences as they gain a higher level.

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