Interac Casinos

Interac Casinos

Interac Casino Banking Option

🏦 Banking TypeDirect Banking System
🎰 Casino DepositYes
👛 Casino WithdrawalYes
⚡ Deposit SpeedInstant
⚡ Withdrawal Speed3-5 days
💰 Fees1 CAD or 1,5 CAD

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What Is Interac?

Interac has been around since 1984 and is a network of banks and financial institutions in Canada. Unlike other debit card providers, Interac will give debit cards to its customers in Canada. They are a popular option for Canadian online casinos. There are also about 60,000 ATMs and 450,000 merchants that accept Interac debit cards. There are payment options through the bank for visitors to Canada as well. There are several banking options from Interac. The popular payments for online gambling are Interac Online and e-Transfer. Interac banking options have become popular in Canada with mobile and live casinos.

Where Is Interac Available?

Interac is available only in Canada. Canada was the first North American country to allow online gambling, and now a few of its provinces have government-run domestic online gambling. These provinces include Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario. The places that don’t have domestic online gambling still have offshore online casinos for their citizens. Canada does not allow all e-wallets, and not all banks allow Canadians to use their payment options for offshore online casinos.

Deposit And Withdraw Using Interac

Many online casinos have Interac on the list of payment options on their cashier’s page. The player should select the option and the financial institution of their account. The player should log into their bank account and complete the transaction. To make a deposit, the player types the amount of money and confirms the transaction. A deposit can take up to 5 minutes. Making a deposit does not charge any extra fees, but all transactions have a standard cost between $1 and $1.50. The fees do not scale depending on the player’s deposits. Interac will never impose a maximum or minimum to deposit within a day, but some online casinos can still have their limits on deposits. It’s good for players to check the limitations with the online casino.

There are many advantages for Canada-based gamblers using Interac at their favorite online casinos. Some bonuses such as deposit matching for using the banking option are available. There are instant deposits with minimum fees that never scale. Interac is well-known in Canada and has a good service record with players. Interac will never ask players to share banking information with any third-parties. Interac uses the highest security standards to keep every customer safe. Players will never have to use new passwords or PINs because the banking options use the player’s current passwords. It is only available in Canada and uses Canadian dollars.

Interac does offer withdrawal options but not every online casino allows it. The player should check with the online casino. There are many other options available for withdrawal as well. If the player does use Interac for withdrawal, they should keep in mind that it takes between 3 and 5 business days to process.

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