Mobile Friendly Casinos

Mobile Friendly Casinos

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What Is A Mobile Friendly Casino?

Did you know that you can access all your favorite casino games from your mobile device? If you are an avid gambler, this should come as good news to you. You can use your desktop to play from home and your smartphone to play while you are in-between places.

A mobile friendly casino allows players to play on online casinos without necessarily having to use a computer. These casinos came into existence with software development that enabled players to stake on games using real money on their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and other similar devices. Players can access and gamble on all their preferred games, irrespective of where they are. They also allow gamblers to execute all tasks such as payment transfers and request rewards from a smartphone or tablet.

What Does It Mean To Be A Mobile Friendly Casino?

A mobile friendly casino is simply one that provides an excellent user experience on your smartphone or tablet. That means games fit into the screen space, players can navigate the website with ease and the variety of games is up to the mark. Although there are several online casinos today, only a select number can be said to check all the boxes that make a mobile friendly casino. Smartphone technology is developing to facilitate more comfortable gaming, especially with the 5G network’s onset. Still, in the meantime, players should thoroughly vet online casinos to determine if they provide a worthwhile gaming experience before depositing real money.

  • Players no longer have to play at permanent locations because they cannot move around with their computers. Now you can play when riding the subway or waiting for your order at a restaurant. As such, it saves you a lot of time and frees up more of it for you to take care of other essential tasks.
  • Using a mobile friendly casino is easy and convenient. Unlike desktops, which demand clicking and scrolling through the site to play, mobiles need you to tap and swipe through the website to gamble.
  • Gambling on your smartphone or tablet provides an all-inclusive experience. You do not need to execute some functions on a desktop and some on your phone. Everything is readily available to you and 100% functional.
  • Most mobile friendly casinos now offer special promotions, offers and bonuses exclusively on their mobile programs.
  • Mobile casino operators are always keen to update new games on their platforms as soon as they are released.

Smartphone Casinos Or Tablet Casinos?

Smartphone casinos are more convenient compared to tablet casinos in terms of flexibility. You can carry your phone around and play with ease, but some consider walking around with a tablet as cumbersome. When mobile friendly casinos started gaining popularity, most users opposed tablet casinos because their functionality was lower than desktops and mobile phones combined. However, tablets provide a better user experience because the screen size is a crucial factor in displaying, graphics and loading time. Tablets enjoy a wider variety of games that cannot be supported by smartphones but are still considered inferior to desktop casinos. Both casinos serve their players in their way, so it is essential to consider what option best suits your situation.

How To Deposit At A Mobile Friendly Casino?

To deposit at a mobile friendly casino you must navigate to the “cashier” section, select your deposit option, input the details required and click on “deposit” or validate the action.

Being able to deposit and withdraw money from a mobile friendly casino has to be one of the most vital features. Players shun casinos that have exorbitant fees, long waiting periods and delays when processing winnings. However, most online casinos boast of their flexibility when it comes to payment methods.

Deposits on mobile friendly casinos can either be instant or delayed. Instant options include mobile wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly and Paysafecard, while card payments are classified as delayed methods. If you deposit money via Maestro, MasterCard, or Visa, you can expect to pay a good deal before it reflects in your gaming account.

For instance, Neteller is available in almost every country and is, in fact, the most extensive autonomous money transfer system in the entire world. The service allows you to transfer and receive money to and from companies and individuals by using their portal. They also have a highly secure encryption system to ensure that your money cannot be stolen. Skrill offers free deposits into your account but charges a somewhat reasonable fee for all money transfers.

Standard payment methods like cards aren’t the worst considering how easy and fast they are, but they are also the most prone to identity theft, cybercrime, and card fraud. Most gamblers are moving away from them because they take several business days to process and confirm deposits.

How To Withdraw From A Mobile Friendly Casino?

Every player tries their best to outmaneuver a game so they can make some money. Mobile friendly casinos offer quick and simple ways to withdraw money, including instantaneous methods. Every casino has its unique withdrawal process, but they all fall between the following steps.

  1. Log into your gaming account;
  2. Go to your “wallet”, “cashier”, or whatever name your casino uses for your funds;
  3. Select the withdrawal option;
  4. Choose a payment method through which you would like to receive your money. You will be required to fill out the necessary information before you proceed if you haven’t already. Some casinos may be open to different deposit and withdrawal methods, but most require that you pick one for both;
  5. Input the amount of money you want to withdraw from the casino;
  6. Confirm your request and wait for it to be processed. If something goes wrong during the process or you are unable to cash out, do not hesitate to contact the customer support center for help.

Withdrawing money from an online casino is hardly an instant transaction. You need to exercise patience for 24 hours or more before you get your winnings. That is because most casinos follow a fixed payment schedule or require ample time to complete your request. You have the liberty to cancel your withdrawal request at any time before it is completed. Mobile wallets enjoy the fastest withdrawals between one to three business days, while credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers can take up to six and eight business days, respectively.

Money withdrawal, like most features in mobile friendly casinos, is regulated by terms and conditions that have to be satisfied by every player. Please take a look at some of the most common limitations when it comes to withdrawing money:

Staking Requirements

Some casinos have a predetermined number of times that players should play using a bonus before they can withdraw money. Others demand that you play and win direct deposits to qualify for a withdrawal.

Withdrawal Limitations

Most online casinos limit the amount of money a player can withdraw at a time. If your preferred casino has a monthly, weekly, or daily withdrawal limit, you cannot withdraw exceeding those amounts. Some casinos offer their VIP members more flexible limits or even higher ones, for that matter.

Time Restrictions

There is a limited number of times each player is allowed to withdraw within a particular period.

Amount Restrictions

You cannot withdraw any amount of money you like whenever you want to. Your casino may allow you to make a massive withdrawal under certain circumstances, like when you have won an immense amount of money. Sometimes your preferred payment methods have daily or weekly amount limits. It is essential to check what these restrictions are to avoid any inconveniences.

Security Checkups

If your online casino is regulated, you can expect that they will carry out some checks on you, especially if you are a new customer. That is mostly done to ascertain the player has attained the legal gambling age and confirm the payment option’s validity. You may be required to verify your identity by uploading a copy of your driver’s license, passport, or ID card. Some mobile friendly casinos require a utility bill to verify your Visa or MasterCard address and photos if that is your preferred payment method.

Gambling Games Offered By Mobile Friendly Casinos

Mobile friendly casinos offer all the gambling games you can find at a regular online casino or desktop casino let’s say. This games include:

Mobile Friendly Casinos On Different Devices And Operating Systems

Mobile casino gaming is easily the best invention the gambling world has seen in recent years. Most internet users usually access sites from their tablets and smartphones; thus, investing in mobile friendly casinos was undoubtedly a smart move. Casino companies throughout the world have developed websites and apps that provide a comfortable mobile friendly experience. As such, there has been significant competition between casinos to provide the best user experience for gamblers on various devices.

Apps that can be used easily on different platforms have become a necessary commodity in the casino world. Some casinos, however, only offer their services on single platforms. Most online casinos revolve around iOS and Android operating systems, while others provide their games on other software.

iPhone Casinos

iOS mobile friendly casinos are supported by HTML 5, allowing users to play without downloading the specific casino games. These casinos can be accessed on iPhones, iPad tablets, Apple Watch and iPod Touch.

iPad Casinos

These gambling websites can be accessed by players with the use of Apple smartphones or tablets. A significant number of users own Apple smartphones and tablets throughout the world, thus necessitating casinos accessible on these devices. iPad friendly casinos have similar features to desktop casinos but have several modifications to ease user experience on a smaller screen. Some of the games you can enjoy on your iPad include Roulette, Mega Moolah and Gonzo’s Quest, among others.

Players do not have to worry about their transactions because iOS is considered one of the safest operating systems worldwide. The iOS tablet has built-in features that protect the player from malware, viruses and hacking. Password and fingerprint scanners should be activated to secure your tablet nonetheless.

Windows Casinos

Windows has been known as the desktop operating system for decades before they launched their competitive Nokia smartphones. A select number of online casinos have optimized their operations to accommodate Windows smartphones. Still, most are reluctant to do so because the Windows app store does not look favorably upon casino apps that use real money.

Android Casinos

Android casinos are gaining more popularity by the day because the apps can be readily downloaded via Google Play or directly from the specific casino websites. Android casinos enjoy a wide variety of games, including Starburst, Triple Action Hold’em and other top-quality games from Evolution Gaming and Net Entertainment.

Mobile Friendly Slots

Mobile friendly slots are simply slot machines that can be accessed online. They can be played on Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads with a variety of options. However, some online casinos only provide flash game versions that cannot be accessed conveniently on mobile phones.

Mobile slots should provide a similar if not better experience than physical slot machines. Most mobile slots provide excellent graphics on desktops but may lag or fail if you are using a smaller device. The secret is to find a mobile slot game that supports your preferred device.

Mobile Friendly Gambling

Top mobile friendly casinos for real money and casino apps provide customized games for players to enjoy on their mobile phones and tablets. While some are merely games where users stake with fake money or coins and cannot win or withdraw real money, most mobile friendly casinos offer phone slots and table games where you play with real money and withdraw your winnings.

Players can now experience the thrill of playing live games straight from their mobile devices. Here are some of the most popular games offered on mobile casinos for real money:

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Craps;
  • Sic bo;
  • Slots and pokies;
  • Video poker;
  • Keno;
  • Faro;
  • Bingo;
  • Lotto;
  • Live dealers.

Differences Between Mobile Casinos And Desktop Casinos

The eternal debate on which casinos are better has started leaning in favor of mobile friendly casinos due to the advanced technology being witnessed lately in the smartphone sector. Some players prefer one over the other, although both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Please look at some of their most prominent differences and decide what side you want to support:

  • Desktops provide a more extraordinary user-friendly experience when it comes to mobile slots. That is because the graphics and features accessible on desktops cannot be replicated on small smartphone screens.
  • Desktops easily distract players. You can log in to play a specific game only to end up playing a different one. That is because computers are organized to display multiple items on the screen at a time, and a player may not tell games and ads apart.
  • Casinos on desktops have a broad range of games that aren’t found on mobile phones. That is because they enjoy larger screens and storage space. If you try loading all those games onto a smartphone, you will have to struggle with slow loading speeds, overheating, and crashing specific apps.
  • Mobile friendly casinos provide the convenience of linking your phone bill to your casino via the SMS billing option. That option, however, is not available on desktop casinos.
  • Players can gamble discreetly on their mobile phones by hiding their screens and muting game sounds and music. However, desktops are too big to hide and cannot allow gamblers to play privately.
  • Desktop casinos are highly advanced in terms of user experience. They enjoy faster internet speeds, fantastic software, and have already started to incorporate 3D features. Mobile friendly casinos are not hard to use, but most of them have not even achieved HD display features.

How To Create A Mobile Friendly Casino?

A mobile friendly casino is not an easy website to develop, so you will need to hire a software developer or a gambling platform company. That, however, is not even nearly close to where this process ends. You must consider and satisfy the following requirements before you can own a mobile friendly casino:

Acquire An Online Gambling Permit

This should be your number one priority because, without one, you cannot legally operate. Study the laws in your country together with the cost, requirements and taxation details, or hire a lawyer to help you do it. Knowing the positions of different jurisdictions is crucial because there are a significant number of countries and states that prohibit online gambling.

Select A Reputable Online Gaming Provider

The number and types of games on your online casino will determine how much income you can gather from it. Some gaming providers create gambling games and platforms from scratch, while others propose to buy a set of games for you. The latter is not advisable considering gamblers’ constant need for newer and more exciting games.

Choose a gambling provider that will provide a customized solution for your platform. Before you settle on a provider, weigh their fees alongside your budget and decide if it is worth it. It is also essential to do a background check on them, ask for samples of their work and look at their reviews online.

Offer A Wide Range Of Payment Methods

Integrate as many payment methods as possible to cover the preferences of every potential player out there. Ensure that your online casino allows Paypal, Visa, Neteller and Skrill, among other popular payment services.

Review The Website Design

An online gambling website needs to be user friendly and attractive to bring in new players. It is essential to limit the number of elements that go on your platform not to overwhelm it. A lot of unnecessary content with increase time taken to load the site.
Create a simple homepage that players can navigate easily and stick to a few animations for optimal speeds.

Pictures of actual people who have won fortunes on a gambling site are better placed to motivate players than cartoons.

If your site cannot be accessed conveniently on a mobile screen, you are bound to lose out on a significant gambling market. As such, you should consider hiring website designers to optimize your site’s user experience.

Establish A Marketing Strategy

Attract players to check out your mobile friendly casino by creating a robust social media presence. You can provide juicy news happening in the gambling world and advertise exclusive offers and bonuses being offered on your site. You might also want to consider email marketing. This method allows you to send customized letters to users that are registered on your casino. The strategy is guaranteed to bear fruit as long as you practice moderation.

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