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What Is A Casino Review?

A casino review is an in-depth analysis of real casino gaming services. It is a simple, clear, and insightful piece of information meant to enlighten customers and players looking for good casinos or online casinos where they can play.

A casino review stands as one expert’s opinion about certain aspects of a particular casino or online casino and its operations. By offering up information that gamblers can use as a means of comparison, casino reviews can help gamblers quickly determine which casinos or online casinos have the qualities they want.

Whether it’s land based or online casinos, gamblers always have choices, sometimes many choices. What they don’t have is enough time to check out all of the possibilities before making their choices. That’s the role of casino reviews.

A good casino review will be unbiased. The reviewer will have no connection or affiliation with the casino or online casino under scrutiny. The review will give an honest accounting of each casino’s functionality and trustworthiness.

The Gambling King with the help of his trusted knights writes accurate and unbiased casino reviews. He does not sugarcoat or sweep information under the rug because he understands how essential that information is for the gambler. The Gambling King is your ultimate gambling companion and a casino reviewer you can trust.

How To Review A Casino?

The only way to properly review any casino is to experience the casino under review in person. For land based casinos, that means going into a real land based casino as a customer and coming out with an opinion on the casino’s across the board performance. The advantage a reviewer has when reviewing a land based casino is they can accumulate much information by observation.

With online casinos, the approach is a little different. The reviewer’s responsibility is to log in, register if necessary and go through each area of the website, looking at access and functionality, bonuses, tournaments, deposit and withdrawal methods, etc. If the online casino under review does not allow free play, the reviewer may have to invest a few dollars as part of their investigation related to bonuses, games, banking, and customer service.

What To Review About A Casino?

For land based casinos, the focus should be on the total gambling experience. That would include the facilities (theme and décor), available games, accommodations, dining, and entertainment. The reviewer’s responsibility is to invest a little time and money to experience all of the aforementioned areas and then write about the experience.

When reviewing online casinos, the review should focus on each of the following specific areas:


This refers to the theme around which the software developers designed the casino. Greek and Norse Mythology, strange and goofy mascots, country-related themes (British, Asian, U.S., etc.), and specific types of casino games (i.e. slot only sites) are all popular themes.



The online casino industry is highly competitive with literally hundreds of online casinos in operation all over the world. With this in mind, online casinos compete with one another by offering bonuses.

The review should focus on the website’s welcome bonus, intermittent daily/weekly/monthly bonuses and any bonus terms and conditions that might affect the real value of the associated bonus. The best reviews go into great detail about each bonus and how it works.



The online casino industry’s collective group of software developers have developed over 3,000 games. The job of the reviewer is to point out which software developers are providing games for a given site, what categories of games are available (slots, table games, etc.), the number of games available by category and to perhaps identify any games that might be of particular interest to gamblers.

Banking Options

Banking Options

Banking options refer to the ways customers can make deposits and withdrawals. On the deposit side, the reviewer should focus on deposit options, deposit limits, when funds will be available, and any fees associated with a particular deposit option.

On the withdrawal side, the same information needs to be covered. However, gamblers also need information about exactly how long the casino under scrutiny takes to actually process a deposit.



If a casino has a reputation for offering tournaments with big prizes, that’s information that slot and blackjack players find very useful.

VIP Program

VIP Program

Aside from bonuses, an online casino’s VIP program is another way the casino can offer extra value to its loyal players. In this section, a good review with go into detail about VIP tiering and the extra benefits customers can earn at each level.



Some casinos do not have a formal VIP program but still want to motivate players to keep playing. Any review of cashback features should include how cashback amounts are earned and how frequently players can take advantage of cashback offers.

Restricted Countries

Depending on an online casino’s country of origin, there are sure to be other countries that want their citizens restricted from having access to online gambling. In deference to such regulations, most online casinos do have a list of countries from which patrons will be blocked. The review should list out these restrictions in as much detail as possible.

Casino License

Casino License

The only safe online casinos are those which are registered and licensed with a reputable regulatory agency like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. By pointing out in which countries a casino has been licensed, a reviewer will be signaling to readers that the casino in question has some level of accountability to some type of authority.

Customer Support

Customer Support

In this section, the review should focus on customer service contact options (email, live chat, etc.), the department’s availability, and some indication about the competency of the department.

Supported Languages

Supported Languages

The review should point out which languages the online casino supports. This matters because legal access to the website might be available to countries all over the world.

Launch Date

This would be the date the online casino was first introduced.

How The Gambling King Reviews Casinos?

When casinos or online casinos are reviewed, there can only be five outcomes:

  1. King’s Best;
  2. Good;
  3. Acceptable;
  4. Bad;
  5. Awful.

The Gambling King uses the following factors to review casinos and provide you with the facts.

Trust And Security

It would be best if you were assured of the safety of your data and money. Some online casinos have been known to con gamblers and disappear with their money or even sell their data without the customer’s consent. The Gambling King considers the following factors when reviewing a casino:

Does A Legitimate Body License It?

Every online casino must display its license on their website. It would be best to confirm that a legal licensing body has issued it because fraudsters are coming up with new ways to deceive players every day. If a casino does not have a license, it means that the site has not been allowed to operate, and as such, you should have nothing to do with it.

Is It Regulated Independently?

A casino ought to show that it is regulated by a creditable authority to ensure fairness and security for the players. If the casino does not display one, the Gambling King checks and analyses the games to ascertain that the results are, in fact, random and that the casino uses a Random Number Generator.

Does It Have A Valid SSL?

SSL is a security technology that establishes an encrypted link between the server and its users. The absence of a valid SSL means that data passing between the casino and its players can be accessed or tampered with by a third party.

Games And Software

An online casino must put in a lot of work to ensure that the games they offer are fantastic and worthwhile. The Gambling King reviews the following aspects and determines if they have been met by an online casino or not.

Wide Variety Of Games

An excellent game selection appeals to players and provides something for everyone. The ideal online casino should have a fine blend of slots and table games like poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Players also take an interest in sites that offer bingo, keno, live dealer games, sports betting and eSports.

Since the Gambling King values his integrity, he asks for his loyal knights to verify this information by playing a few titles.

No Deposit Free Spins

The Gambling King loves to see online casinos that offer no deposit free spins. Players have the opportunity to test new slots, practice, and enjoy themselves without the risk of losing money. Casinos that do not offer this bonus to beginners most likely won’t appear at the top of casino reviews. Gambling King’s knights might even try out a few free games themselves to determine their quality and diversity.

Exciting Jackpots

All serious slot fans require and anticipate progressive jackpots on their online casinos. These games are wildly exciting and they often give the highest casino payouts.

Jackpot games have to be featured in the website’s catalog because of their importance. The Gambling King looks for popular games like Mega Moolah, the Age of Gods series, and Mega Fortune. An online casino worth its name will have a substantial amount highlighted in its total jackpot value.

Topnotch Game Software

Players require impeccable quality when it comes to graphics, sound and game animations. Casinos that care about quality and user-experience seek out the services of renowned software providers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. If a casino does not meet the Gambling King’s quality standards, you will be the first to know.

Smooth Online Experience

Playing on the casino’s website with fast speeds and an impressive user experience is essential. The Gambling King will check how easy it is to sign up and generally navigate the site without any hitches.

Downloadable Software

The Gambling King makes it his number one priority to check the casino software in every online casino he reviews. He knows that some gamblers might prefer downloading the casino software to their mobile devices, and he strives to make it as easy as possible for them. The Gambling King will check if you can download the software and how well it operates. The software’s safety on your device and its ability to provide an experience similar or better than the online casino site will also be addressed.

Bonuses And Promotions

Most casinos and online casinos make sure to offer occasional bonuses.

Promotions and bonuses are loved by players worldwide because they increase their funds and make playing worth their time.

The Gambling King will let you know if your favorite casino checks the boxes of the following options or not.

Do They Offer A Welcome Bonus?

Every top casino or online casino offers a big welcome bonus. The Gambling King will search the gambling world for the most lavish casino bonuses and let you know. It is essential to check for a bonus when you are signing up. They come in the form of cashback, deposit matches, no deposit offers and free spins. Whatever form they take, bonuses can significantly impact your gambling.

Are Their Terms And Conditions Reasonable?

The Gambling King reads the fine print of every online casino’s terms and conditions and lets you know what they address. If there are exceedingly high wagering conditions or complications that make it harder for you to claim your bonus, you can count on the Gambling King to let you know.

Do They Have Limitless Offers?

The Gambling King checks the frequency with which different casinos or online casinos offer gifts, bonuses and freebies to their existing players. He also points out those casinos that only offer bonuses to new members.

Do They Have VIP And Loyalty Rewards?

Premium casinos offer not only bonuses and special promotions but also an effective loyalty plan. Loyalty rewards enable you to earn extra gifts every time you bet. High-stakes players may also receive VIP benefits. The Gambling King checks out each loyalty program and tells you which ones are worthwhile and which ones are not.

Money And Banking

As a player or member of a casino or online casino, the safety of your money and fast access to your winnings are of utmost importance. The Gambling King analyses every casino’s deposit and withdrawal features so that he can provide you with an accurate perspective of how they work and how they rate against other casinos.

How Easy It Is To Deposit Money?

The Gambling King checks to see how easy it is to sign up to online casinos and make deposits. He also considers the number of payment options allowed, the currencies they accept and the minimum and maximum limits, if any.

Is My Money Safe?

All payments made by reputable casinos have to be completed using secure and trusted means. Encryption of data and security assurance concerning your information helps you to worry less.

The Gambling King checks if online casinos separate your funds with money that’s used for overall operations. This way, he can determine if a casino can make your payouts on time or not.

How Fast Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

The Gambling King checks how online casinos handle withdrawal requests. An ideal casino offers a wide range of banking options and currencies and processes funds as fast as possible.

Seamless banking procedures are a huge plus, but one must be similarly concerned about the speed with which players’ winnings are processed. The Gambling King notes the casinos that process winnings as advertised and those who don’t.

How Often Do They Payout To Players?

Players and indeed the Gambling King and his knights want to know whether a casino does right by its players. Good casinos have a high return-to-player rate. That means that the amount of money the casino gathers from bets is not ridiculously higher than the amount it pays out to players within a reasonable period.

The Gambling King looks at payouts for single games and also relies on whether or not a casino displays its return-to-player information on the site or not.

Customer Care

Every player needs help with something or requires clarification on a matter from time to time. This is the purview of customer care. The Gambling King looks into the following points to determine whether the players’ needs are addressed.

Is My Data Protected?

Players need to be assured that the personal information they have disclosed will only be used for the purposes they have agreed upon when signing up. The Gambling King reviews all casinos and online casinos letting you know those that portray user safety and those that have not taken measures to prevent third-party interference.

Do They Care About My Wellbeing?

Reputable casinos aren’t just about the money. They have in place monitoring technology to regulate and ensure safe and responsible gambling. You can rest assured that the Gambling King will examine these features and relay to you just how effective they are.

Can I Access Support Easily?

Players deserve fast and easy access to support when they need it. The Gambling King checks and reviews all casinos with a call, email, live chat features and available agents 24/7.

Casinos should also have a detailed FAQ page on their website to ease customer support.

How Fast Will My Problem Be Resolved?

If a casino takes several days to offer a solution to an issue you’ve raised, the Gambling King will certainly inform you. Every player should receive help within a reasonable amount of time. A casino’s ability to communicate in the players’ language while resolving issues is an added advantage.

Mobile Friendliness

Many players prefer to play casino games on their phones nowadays. As such, casinos must provide an excellent user experience irrespective of whether you are using smartphones or computers.

The Gambling King checks out every casino on Android, iPhone and other mobile devices or tablets to determine their usability. The sites should run as smoothly as they do on computers. Change of gaming device should not affect the speed, game selection or layout of an online casino. Casinos that provide special promotions and bonuses for mobile players are also noted.


Online casinos provide options from various countries throughout the globe. The Gambling King takes a keen interest in casinos adapted to provide custom-made experiences for players in their language and currency. A casino’s flexibility and desire to meet players in their comfort zone is admirable and dramatically boosts its reviews.

The Gambling King provides all the necessary information for you to be well informed before gambling. However, he cannot do all this reviewing alone. He has gambling knights who also carry out casino reviews on the web and report back to him.

Who Reviews Casinos?

Most reviews are performed by organizations that act to provide a free service to gambling enthusiasts. Most review websites will claim their reviews are done by experts in the field of casino gambling. Short of contrary evidence, it’s fair to assume that is the case.

Importance Of Reading Casino Reviews Before Gambling

With literally hundreds if not thousands of land based and online casinos in operation throughout the world, it’s safe to say there are some that are more reputable than others. To save yourself time and frustration, you should look into the reputation of any casino you have under consideration. You can also use reviews as a means of quick comparison to help you find the casinos that are most likely to have what you want and need.

Ask The Gambling King Before Gambling

The Gambling King’s unbiased and honest reviews will give you a good starting point in your gambling journey.

How To Become A Casino Reviewer?

If you have an interest in writing casino reviews for publication, you should start by contacting casino review sites and look into the process of becoming one of their reviewers. As a sort of portfolio, you might want to try your hand at writing a couple of independent reviews for presentation. Remember, they are looking for experts so you should be well versed in all areas of casino gambling.

If you stay vigilant, you might get some work from an organization or two.

You can always contact the Gambling King in case you want to become a royal knight.

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